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Elevating Elizabeth Arden’s Web Presence

For a continuous year as a part of the Hedgehog team, I had the unique privilege of working exclusively with Elizabeth Arden as my sole client in the company. My role centered on enhancing their online presence through web design and contributing to some print materials. Here’s a comprehensive look at our systematic approach: This portfolio project spotlights my significant contribution to Elizabeth Arden’s brand aesthetic, showcasing how I collaborated closely with this iconic beauty brand to elevate their web and print visuals over the course of a rewarding year.

Collection of Web Banners

This collection of web banners showcases my skills in designing visually appealing and effective marketing materials. The banners vary in size, style, and tone, but they all share a common goal: to capture the viewer’s attention and promote the client’s product or service. Some of the banners in this collection feature bold and eye-catching graphics, while others are more subtle and understated. Some use humour to engage the viewer, while others focus on providing informative content. But regardless of their style, all of these banners are designed to be effective and persuasive. Here are a few examples of the types …