Meet and Greet: Sitecore Pizza Party

On a pleasant Wednesday evening, March 30, 2022, Sitecore Sofia orchestrated a heartfelt event that resonated with community spirit and empathy. The occasion, aptly titled the “Meet and Greet: Sitecore Pizza Party” was an initiative to warmly embrace Ukrainian refugees who had recently relocated to the city. Held within the inviting premises of the Sitecore office on the 4th floor of the Pirin hall, the event saw an enthusiastic turnout of over 40 attendees.

This jubilant gathering not only filled the air with the aroma of delectable pizzas but also provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to forge connections. The heart of the party, however, lay in the interactions and conversations that filled the room. Attendees mingled, shared stories, and engaged in jovial games that seamlessly facilitated interactions.

The resounding success of the pizza party showcased Sitecore’s commitment to compassion and solidarity during times of upheaval. In supporting the Ukrainian refugees, Sitecore demonstrated that even in challenging circumstances, the power of community and humanity shines brightly. The event stands as a testament to the fact that acts of kindness, like slices of pizza, are best enjoyed when share. 🙂


The Sitecore Pizza Party of March 30, 2022, exemplified the potency of simple gestures of goodwill. In a world that often finds itself grappling with turmoil, this event symbolized the enduring spirit of community, fostering connections that span beyond geographical boundaries. Through shared laughter, stories, and slices of pizza, Sitecore Sofia showcased its dedication to making the world a warmer place, one raffle ticket at a time.