What is boudoir photography?

What is the key idea behind ​​boudoir photography? This type of photoshoot is aimed at showing the beautiful, feminine, and tender in female nature. The idea is for the photos to hint more than to directly invite female sexiness and sensitivity. However, the challenge of the shots in this type of photography varies according to the wishes of the model. It is not even necessary for the woman to be without underwear or to be photographed in full length during the session. The photos can also pay attention to far smaller details of the feminine body, to emphasize its curves, the features that the model is proud of.

The word boudoir itself comes from French and refers to an intimate room in which ladies once changed wears and prepared their clothes. Put differently, it was her intimate space where she could be isolated, hence this parallel with this type of photography.

Another specificity of the boudoir photoshoot is it is often perceived not just as a project, but as a whole experience by the woman herself. Therefore, good preparation (partly mental) is typically required for the process to go smoothly.

What is the occasion?

For such sessions, women are inspired on various occasions – before a wedding, as a gift for a man, or just as a present for herself. No matter the reason, boudoir photography represents an attractive way to capture the radiance of an intimate personality.

Many women need to be perceived in an unusual light. Or even just show up in one. Because they do not receive the chance in their daily lives. And through a photoshoot, challenging them to reveal themselves, be unashamed and be as confident as they want, self-confidence is strengthened.

A few practical tips for the models to achieve a more enjoyable experience

Since, as already mentioned, this type of photoshoot is a significant experience for a woman, it is necessary to devote enough attention to some preparation. Most of the clients have probably thought about this decision for a long time and whether they are prepared to reveal themselves to someone in this way. Therefore:

  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the photographer. This is the most critical factor that will make the photoshoot enjoyable, not stressful.

When you reveal your tenderness and femininity, you are more likely to feel vulnerable. Therefore, the presence of the photographer should deliver you peace of mind and lead you to naturalness. Not to worry about relaxing in front of him. However, the circle of people who identify us in the light in which we will appear is remarkably narrow. In front of an almost stranger, the non-professional model is not ready to just flirt with the camera. So it’s good to know he doesn’t expect you to act like a professional model and that he will give you the time you need to relax.

Communication between you and the photographer should be easy for the process to start. It is best to see each other face to face in advance so that you can judge live whether you fit, whether you retain the same vision. In this way, you will go much faster through ideas, concepts, and in general the whole vision of the project you are embarking on. Moreover, you will be completely certain the photographer understands you and knows what you desire. And in the session itself, you will not feel as if you remain an absolute stranger.

  • Select an outfit that makes you feel beautiful in your skin. The magic of a gorgeous dress or elegant accessory is sometimes greater than we want. When you feel pleasant, attractive, and confident, it is transmitted to your general appearance, and hence to the shots. Besides, when you prepare properly, you will provide yourself with more class.

Also, other accessories will enrich your choice of poses and ideas. Prepare several outfits for your photo shoot, so you can change and combine various items or give the photographer even more opportunities to experiment with the details. (It should be noted that trained photographers have prepared clothes and accessories, as well as a team of make-up artists and stylists to aid you. However, to possess something of your own on hand, something individual is not superfluous.)

And if you feel courageous enough, you don’t require any clothes.

  • Select a suitable terrain that will boost you in both comfort and more creativity. The brilliant idea over here is just to anticipate this relatively enormous factor. And also take the time to filter the viable options according to your ideas.
  • Prepare pre-collected ideas for poses, clothes, makeup, hairstyle. This aspect is primarily in your hands. Browse as many photographs as you can to get inspired and focus on the type of a photoshoot you would like (for the easiest you can look at on Pinterest.). So after discussing in advance with your photographer what you desire, how you imagine the robust process, you will have a much more coherent plan. This would both aid you and him so that the result is exactly what you expect.
  • Drink a glass of wine. This is the advice that many women, who have already had a boudoir photoshoot, give. The truth is that only a few would feel confident and calm enough in this type of experience. Regardless of how motivated we are, no matter how much the idea has matured in our heads, and we think we have overcome all restraints when the day comes, things are not exactly like that. That is why wine on hand is never spare.
  • If you feel you will be incapable to manage your anxiety, ask the photographer to bring a friend of yours. In the presence of a friend, for example, who stands by and winks at you encouragingly, it can be considerably more pleasant.

Final words… 

Boudoir photography can produce truly magnificent results, which is why it deserves the necessary attention. On top of that, these results will be individual, will bear the handwriting of every lady who dared to reveal herself. It is no coincidence that this photography is gaining more and more popularity among both photographers and models. Because it is a pleasant way for a woman to feel beautiful and confident.