The melancholic art of Laura Makabresku

If, like me, you are a fan of weird, dark, and nostalgic photography, and browse Tumblr or Pinterest regularly, it is almost impossible not to stumble upon some of the photographs of a talented artist called Laura Makabresku.

The photographer, whose real name actually is Kamila Kansy, is 33 years old. She is from Poland and is currently living in Krakow. 

Laura is greatly inspired by fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm Brothers. Stories that are full of witchcraft, biblical passages, and iconography.

The overall atmosphere and style of her images is very distinctive – a combination of melancholy, beauty, nightmares, and sometimes even erotica. The bodies are always pale, and make contrast with dead animals, which are sewn into clothing, or posing near the human body. Laura Makabresku’s photography feels like they’ve been pulled out from a collective lucid dream, from which you do not want to wake up, because you are too interested to see what comes next. From deeply emotional, expressive photographs with her husband (who she calls “My Dear Husband” in her work), to surreal spider-like creatures with the size of dogs, and mystic photos of birds on a leash and ravens as friends, Laura Makabresku truly captures what it could feel like to live in a twisted fairytale. Look at some of her finest work below.