Lenka Simeckova's mystic paradise

Immerse yourself in the talented Czech artist’s macabre world.

Lenka Simeckova's mystic paradise

Immerse yourself in the talented Czech artist’s macabre world.

A freelance illustrator of exceptionally high standard, Lenka Simeckova is a twenty-something years old master of digital art, based in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Her style is very distinctive, yet you get a feeling of familiarity when looking at her art. Her cats, her ravens, her centipede houses, and her people are deliciously dark and captivating.

Looking through her Q&A on Instagram, she mentions that she gets her inspirations from movies, video games, scenes from her dreams. Well, you can definitely feel the last statement in her art.

As a soundtrack, she likes to listen to cabaret, dark country, and video game OST compilations.

Her start, as she describes it, was when she did fanart of the game Bioshock, after which she “blew up” on social media, and was published in a popular gaming magazine. After that, well… I will leave her art to speak for itself. Here is a collection of just a fragment of her brilliant work:

This piece is called Corrosion
This piece is called "Corrosion". The color palette is quite eye-candy. Details on the bath and windows question how toxic exactly is the impressive feminine character. More like intoxicating!
Someone has been dipping her fingers in kinky
Someone has been dipping her fingers in kinky! Another excellent example of character creation. It pulls you in and makes you wonder how this was created? Drawn, colored so perfectly.
Mr Praying mantis is holding a drink in here
Mr. Praying mantis is holding a drink in here, and for some reason, we absolutely agree with that. Is this creature, a saint? Why is the scarf ripped? And most importantly - is the slime in the cup a divine drink or the goo of his enemies? One can merely wonder.
This is one of her last published pieces and it is simply called Wear a mask
This is one of Lenka's last published pieces, and it's simply called "Wear a mask". These steampunk undead cats serve as a gentle reminder that we are indeed responsible for whatever example we choose to set: mask or no mask, gloves or no gloves... caring about the safety of others, or not.
Midnight Cabaret

A personal favorite is this piece. "Midnight Cabaret" is a scene created so effectively. It deserves the opportunity to be animated. The characters are so captivating, that you can experience their stories behind this masterpiece of a scene.

The expressiveness of Lenka’s art is captivating. The way she works with neon and golden lights is something of a futuristic fantasy sex horror show. Nightmares come alive, but the way they do is extremely beautiful to be disregarded.

Lenka`s fairytale world is definitely something worth exploring. If looking through her Instagram is not enough for you, you can over the top by examining some of her more initial work on Deviantart.

Enjoy the inspiration!

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