I’m Todor Stoyanov

Welcome to my personal website! I’m an experienced graphic & web designer with a passion about photography. Throughout my career, I’ve built a diverse portfolio that showcases my expertise in creating print and web visualizations with clean, distinctive, and sophisticated designs. My goal is to help businesses and individuals make a compelling impact in the market with visually captivating solutions.

Professional interests and hobbies

Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, my creative journey ignited in early years. Growing up, I dedicated my time to various activities such as drawing, playing basketball, swimming.

I am deeply passionate about photography as both an art form and a means of personal expression. Capturing moments from the streets, the city, and beyond became a deep-rooted passion, inspiring me to explore the world through the lens.

I actively participate in a vibrant photography club in Sofia. Engaging with like-minded artists and photography enthusiasts fuels my desire for collaboration and growth.

A regular visitor to galleries and a dedicated participant in various art and photo events, I constantly seek new sources of inspiration. I find great joy in exploring diverse photobooks, which continually inspire my creative vision and broaden my artistic horizons. These experiences enable me to stay at the forefront of artistic trends, ensuring that my work remains fresh and relevant in today’s ever-evolving visual landscape.


As a passionate and skilled graphic designer, I have a strong educational background.
I hold a Master’s degree in Graphic and Web Design from the Technical University of Sofia. Prior to that, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Design, also from the same esteemed institution.

My journey into the world of design and creativity started early on, and it was at the Technology School Electronic Systems (TUES) associated with Technical University – Sofia.

With a solid foundation in engineering and a deep understanding of design principles, I bring a unique perspective to my work. My goal is to create visually captivating and functional designs that leave a lasting impact on businesses and individuals alike.


Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with various clients, bringing their visions to life through innovative graphic and web solutions. I believe in continuous growth and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the design industry.

Web Designer @ Sitecore

As a member of Sitecore’s Demo Solutions team, my primary responsibility is designing and creating captivating flows and visuals for product demos and presentations.

Graphic and Web Design Lecturer @ Design Academy

I had the opportunity to lead two courses during my tenure: one focused on “Graphic and Web Design” and the other on “UX/UI Design.” In these courses, I guided students through the principles, techniques, and best practices of these respective fields, fostering their creative growth and providing them with valuable knowledge and skills.

Content Specialist @ Hedgehog

Played an active role in the creation, curation, and management of content and assets for a wide range of global brands. By closely collaborating with cross-functional teams, I ensured the consistency, quality, and alignment of the brand’s messaging and visual identity.

Graphic and Web Designer @ Kakadu LTD

I had the opportunity to work on visual design and management for various websites and brands. This involved creating visually appealing layouts, graphics, and assets that enhanced the online presence of these entities. Additionally, I played a key role in product photography, capturing high-quality images for catalogs and other print materials.

Graphic Designer @ The Spot

I had the opportunity to curate and design visuals and campaigns for various music events throughout Bulgaria. Leveraging my skills in graphic design and marketing, I crafted compelling visuals and promotional materials that captured the essence and excitement of each event. By collaborating closely with event organizers, I ensured that the visuals aligned with the event’s theme and effectively communicated the desired message to the target audience, ultimately contributing to the success and recognition of these music events in Bulgaria.

Graphic Designer @ Technofy

In my role, I specialized in creating a variety of textures for 3D models used in an augmented reality (AR) application. Through my expertise, I developed visually appealing and realistic textures that enhanced the overall quality and immersion of the AR experience.In my role, I specialized in creating a variety of textures for 3D models used in an augmented reality (AR) application. Through my expertise, I developed visually appealing and realistic textures that enhanced the overall quality and immersion of the AR experience.

Graphic Designer @ SADIGIRB Ltd.

I was responsible for photo retouching for a prominent Italian online store. In this role, I applied my expertise in enhancing product images to ensure high-quality visuals that met the standards of the online store. Through meticulous retouching techniques, I contributed to the overall visual appeal of the products, ultimately enhancing the customer’s online shopping experience.

The guiding principles that underpin everything I do

I chose these principles because they reflect the values that I hold dear. They are the foundation of my values and beliefs, and they help me to make decisions and take actions that are aligned with my goals.


At the core of my work, I prioritize transparency. I openly acknowledge concerns and address inconsistencies in a constructive manner, always striving to act with integrity.


I believe in taking ownership of my decisions and committing to them wholeheartedly. This sense of responsibility empowers me to work freely and effectively, driving us closer to success.

Collaboration & teamwork

I am always willing to help others and share my knowledge and expertise. I am also open to new ideas and feedback, and I believe that we can achieve more by working together.


Building a foundation of trust is paramount to me. I foster an environment where trust and reliance on each other enable swift action and the achievement of our collective goals.


I take the time to reflect on my actions, treating everyone with respect and offering clear feedback. Additionally, I celebrate our successes, fostering a culture of appreciation and encouragement.